Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sept. 6th, 2012
My Grandma and Grandpa
(Sarah Retzloff)
My Grandma and Grandpa are really great,
God's gift to me, much better than fate!
They take me where I need to go,
And tell me what I want to know!
They always try to hug and kiss me,
They grin and say it's because they miss me!
They laugh, and play, they stay all day.
They sing, and swing and do wonderful things.
They're the best Grandma and Grandpa I ever had,
They even remind me of my Mom or my Dad!
Today is one day I need to say,
Have a wonderful Grandparent's day!
*Please feel free to use this poem to honor your wonderful Grandparents!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A few weeks ago Clint and I went looking for a church to get married in. We wanted a location near his parents home so we ruled out our current churches. We looked at several options in the area and then we drove by the First United Methodist Church in Seguin. We both just fell in love with it and instantly thought we should be married there because it is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. What do you think?


I am learning a lot about myself this year. One of the things I have learned is that I love flowers. I think that orchids and lillies are among the most breathtakingly beautiful creations on the planet.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Engagement announcement!!

It occurs to me that I haven't posted here in a long while. I have got some wonderful news to share with those of you who still stumble across this blog from time to time. I have finally found the man of my dreams and he asked me to marry him on March 27th, of 2010. (I said yes!!!)

This isn't officially out on the press yet but I may as well let you have a sneak peak at it!!

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Backen of Sweeny, TX are happy to announce the engagement of their daughter, Sarah Michelle Backen to Clint Russell Retzloff,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Retzloff of Seguin. The bride is currently
attending Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, TX. The groom is a 2008 graduate of Texas State University with a BA in Public Administration and is currently employed with the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority. The couple is planning a November wedding in the Seguin area.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Church family (Ruby Backen)

Ruby Katherine Castle Church Backen was the daughter of Robert and Eleanor Church.

Robert was the son of Billy Church.

Billy Church married and lived in Sulpher Springs. According to my Grandmother Ruby Backen there was an open spring in a field behind the house. It was a rather dangerous area and Billy Church didn't want his wife to go back there. One day while he was away from the house chopping wood she needed to get some water so she went down to the spring without him. While she was there she fell into the spring and hit her head on a brick and drown. Robert was two months old at the time and his sister Lulie was two. The children were passed back and forth between two Aunts for a while.

Robert lived with his Uncle Jim and Aunt Sarah Blackman after his mother's death. They were well respected and fairly well off. Jim was a Circut riding preachers and Robert said that his Aunt Sarah would dress him up in a little blue suit and hat and send him off to church services with his Uncle Jim.

Billy Church remarried a woman named Pricilla who had 5 children and Robert went back to live with his father and step mother. He was often left to care for the children alone and blamed when his stepmother returned and things where in disorder. He was punished often and soundly so he ran away from home when he was eight years old.

Wilson Mitchel found him sitting on a fencepost in the woods crying. He had a bundle of clothes tied to a stick and he was distraught. Mitchel took him home and kept him until his Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jim could come for him.

He lived with them from that point on. He considered them to be his real family.

Grandmother Ruby tried to name some of the children and these are the names she mentioned.
Jim and Grace (who ran a sanitarium in Florida) and Blanche.

Robert Church had a rough start. She mentioned that he worked for a bakery in Arkansas, he was also a delivery boy and a farmhand.

She said that he was a good man and that due to his teaching he was a strong christian. He believed in doing right by his fellow man. He was not succesful financially but he was rich spiritually.

He married Eleanor Harrbisson who was the daughter of James Matthew Harrbisson. The two men became very close and Robert looked up to him as a father figure.

The Wedding band

"From Robert to Aelenor"

Words written in love on a wedding band in the early nineteen hundreds. The eternal pledging of love to another. Solid, pure and beautiful.

Words cannot express my awe, and my gratefulness to owning this bit of past.

The simple word "from" representing the love of a lifetime.

I am overwhelmed by those thoughts tonight. I will cherish my great grandmother's ring forever, and I look forward to the future when I can pledge with a ring the "from" that will mean the world to the man I love.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well, for those of you who have been asking. School is going well. Finals on Mon. and Wed. so I am trying not to think about that very much. I have spent a few hours studying and no doubt this weekend will be filled with more of the same.
Lindsey and I had a fine time at the Carriage House Inn this Thurs. evening. We danced for the residents, and taught some poor helpless audience members the steps to the virginia reel and the whoop dance. I never thought that I would be teaching people to dance. I don't even know how to dance myself, it is a good thing that teachers do not actually have to be good at something to be good at teaching it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

To be continued...

I thought at first to wipe the spit from my conservative boots, but then I decided to shine my shoes. My thoughts and values tied so deeply to morals that are pure and rich; values that no amount of spit can tarnish. Values that reflect His Image, an image so spectacular that it shines even more brightly when contrasted with the hate that mocks it.


I find myself sleepless this evening. I have been working on a paper to post here all evening. It isn't completed or ready for human consumption at this point but soon it will be posted. It will of course be biased, and it won't be politically correct. It will also be religious and come from a distinctly Southern point of view. If all of those things sound like concepts you haven't heard in a while come back for the juicy details. Goodnight all!

Polishing boots with free spit...and other random political expressions

I thought at first to wipe the spit from my conservative boots, but then I decided to shine my shoes. ~Sarah Backen